Wednesday, 21 March 2012

spm result day eve

assalam fellas

whoaa!!! it's about 12.30 am now and I'm staying awake in the middle of the night to update my blog.
and guess what? it's already 21st of march. and today is wednesday.

so, what's the biggest agenda for today? hey, the most anticipated event will take place today fellas for all former 2011 spm candidates and the teachers themselves! again- whoaa!!

so, i was on facebook just now and i could see some of my friends making their golden statuses, telling how nervous they are about the result. and what about me? i'm numb, lol!!! but it does not mean i'm saying i already know how much i get! no, that's too much confidence for me.

okay, i understand well how some of them feel. feeling nervous and anxious is part of the game. it's normal thing. so what. but for now, alhamdulillah i'm not feeling anything. i'm numb fellas and it better stays still.
and i'm feeling a bit geram because my eyes are still wide open! ish, tak nak tidor ke?! what tonight will be a sleepless night for, or maybe some of my rakan2 sepejuangan. :D

a few hours back, i had received some texts messages from my fellas, wishing me all the best for tomorrow (big thanks to them xxx). and yeah, wishing you all the best, too. jajaja!!!

btw, not sure at what time the event will take place tomorrow. some say at 10, some say at 12. huh, clueless for the time being. since my precious Ma is not doing well currently (she's been sick for a month!), so I'll be going with my abah. But i pity abah actually to accompany me to school because he recently got into an accident. Allah has been testing us with our faith and patience. but alhamdulillah, we manage to overcome all the tough rocky roads.

‎'O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient'.
[Al-Baqarah, 2:153] 
 so, always be patient and Allah will be with you. in sha Allah.

and a few days back, i was attacked by flu. isk..isk.. yeah, feeling like crying. :( and now, masih tak recover.
i don't know how tomorrow's going to be with runny nose, dizzy head, ached body - that sounds too much cliche la - it's like I'm looking for excuses for not going to school tomorrow. :p

hai mata, y u no close la!!! *yawn!!* feeling like a bit dizzy, maybe it's because of two panadols i was taking just now.

hmm, what to expect tomorrow? tomorrow is the day to expect the unexpected. so, i cannot say much la because i don't dare to. my atuk said, whatever it is - either good result or not - you have to accept it with open heart. no more questioning !!!

cehh, atuk says easy la. he's not in my shoes (still thanking him for his concern, though!) :). my mom said the same. okay, i'll follow your golden advice!!

okay, stop... i seem cannot fight the sleepiness anymore. besides, it's almost two o'clock people! duhh.
hopefully, i can fight to lift my blanket for subh prayer tomorrow...

okay, fellas, goodbye for now, aye! :)

hugs and kisses

p/s: cannot wait to put on my ballerina shoes i bought recently... just for tomorrow. :)

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