Sunday, 5 August 2012


I miss akok, nasi kerabu, murtabak, taufu fa and everything related to kelantanese dishes...

Akok, a must have for break fasting. Kat kampung ada dua tiga tempat yang buat akok, lemak dan sedap!

This is akok

Murtabak!(I have tried Sarawakian murtabak, and I can only give 1/2 star)

looking so good... irresistible

I miss Ma's Thai tom yam...

I know how to cook this. I guess mine looks better and tastes better, lol

And Mek's Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu ... Huh.. cannot resist it!!

This Nasi Kerabum eaten with salty eggs, sambal kelapa, ulam, sambal lada, chicken or fish, solok lada (fish fillet with chillies) , and fish crackers

This is what I usually have after Taraweeh (back in Kelantan, not available in Sarawak)

So, if you want to try any of this, you're so welcome to Kelantan. Try the food, experience the culture and explore us. But make sure to exercise after that (serious talk, bro).

So, this entry is mostly about food... Berpuasa di rantauan is not the same as we have with our family.
Kadang-kadang terskip sahur sebab no one untuk kejutkan, even dah set alarm (damn, useless alarm!).

So, that is how I feel like being here. Alone.

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