Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Sunday, 5 August 2012


I miss akok, nasi kerabu, murtabak, taufu fa and everything related to kelantanese dishes...

Akok, a must have for break fasting. Kat kampung ada dua tiga tempat yang buat akok, lemak dan sedap!

This is akok

Murtabak!(I have tried Sarawakian murtabak, and I can only give 1/2 star)

looking so good... irresistible

I miss Ma's Thai tom yam...

I know how to cook this. I guess mine looks better and tastes better, lol

And Mek's Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu ... Huh.. cannot resist it!!

This Nasi Kerabum eaten with salty eggs, sambal kelapa, ulam, sambal lada, chicken or fish, solok lada (fish fillet with chillies) , and fish crackers

This is what I usually have after Taraweeh (back in Kelantan, not available in Sarawak)

So, if you want to try any of this, you're so welcome to Kelantan. Try the food, experience the culture and explore us. But make sure to exercise after that (serious talk, bro).

So, this entry is mostly about food... Berpuasa di rantauan is not the same as we have with our family.
Kadang-kadang terskip sahur sebab no one untuk kejutkan, even dah set alarm (damn, useless alarm!).

So, that is how I feel like being here. Alone.

Friday, 3 August 2012

FouseyTUBE and Qias Omar

Next post!

So, I'm sure not many of you (Malaysians) know these two guys. Who are they?

Well, I found these two guys in Youtube.com. I have to say, the first time I saw them on youtube, I fell in love with them, hahaha...

FouseyTUBE (Yousef Erakat) and Qias Omar are American Middle Easterners, living in States since then.
What do they do? They make videos. FouseyTUBE is so famous all around the States, Canada, Aussie and I'm his biggest fan from MALAYSIA!!!! hoho!

So, I have nothing much to say, so let's watch the video...

So, for more videos go to youtube.com and search for FouseTUBE... You'll love him!!

Qias Omar's videos:

and so that's it!! Hope you enjoy watching these... :D
Assalamualaikum, peeps...

It's been a while without a word from me. Alhamdulillah, I'm doing fine here. And I'm not that homesick right now.

Nothing much to tell, because I don't know what to say.. (lame statement).
Okey, while I'm writing this, I'm listening to this beautiful Arabic song:

kalau nak jiwang2 boleh la... :D

So, midsem exam next week, I hope I can do well, In sha'a Allah... Life is hard here, I gotta say.

So, hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims, Ramadhan al-Mubarak and Eid Mubarak in advance.

May this Ramadhan will be a better Ramadhan for us, and prayers to all the brothers and sisters especially in Burma, Palestine, Afghanistan and those countries in wars. Ameen.


Thursday, 14 June 2012



My hero,
My love,
My Heaven!


Monday, 4 June 2012

I yang sangat homesick

assalamualaikum peeps.

dah lebih seminggu i kat unimas. so, still now, i tak boleh nak buang perasaan homesick, malahan semakin menjadi-jadi gamaknya.

setiap kali i solat, masa tu la i teringatkan kat ma. ya allah, seksa sangat rasanya. perasaan tu sakit sangat. allah maha mengetahui how i feel here. kampung pantai kundur(kota bharu) and kota samarahan, satu jarak yang jauh.

nak menyesal sekarang ni dah tak guna kan? sapa suruh mintak unimas? gatal!
yeah, sometimes i keep blaming myself why should i end up here. why!!!!
i kalo boleh tak nak berjauhan dengan my family. memang tak nak. tapi apakan daya kan? kena datang sini for one terrible year. *sigh*

every time i teringatkan kat Ma i, i terus text her or call.kat sini kalau call malam-malam, rate dia murah cikit.
i call my Ma almost three times a day! yes, kak long rindu sangat ngan Ma. kak long nak balik kampung!

so just now i called my Ma (i dpt kredit free!)
i tanya dia Ma buat apa? bla... lepas tu sempat cakap ngan mek (my nenek). ya allah, i'm so longing!
then i cakap balik ngan Ma; ma, kak long boring duk sini. selalu teringat kat ma -tears coming down
then my Ma cakap; tak boleh macam tu. kak long kena kuat. nak jadi doktor kena korban sikit. orang lain ada lagi yang duk jauh. then i said; ok, Ma...

god knows how it hurts me a lot every time i think of family back in the village. and every time i pray, i doakan i nak ke pangkuan Ma and Abah i bila i dah habis degree. in sya'a Allah, kalau ditakdirkan Allah i jadi doktor, i akan terus mintak tukar ke negeri halaman i. i tak kisah orang nak kata i ni anak mak ke (memang betul kenyataan itu!). who cares! i don't care! i just want to live with my family until the end of my life. yes, perpisahan menyakitkan!

lepas lagi sakit bila i memikirkan yang i akan sambut raya di sini with my pak teh's family. ya allah, tak pernah lagi i sambut raya tanpa keluarga i.
in sha'a Allah, i tak sabar nak tunggu bulan november ni. semester break starts on 5th nove till 2nd dec.
nanti nak suruh pakteh booking ticket awal-awal. 6 haribulan nak terus balik ke kl. 8 haribulan nak balik ke kota bharu terus. ya allah, kak long tak sabar nak cium tangan ma, nak peluk ma... rindu ma sangat-sangat!

and i pray supaya Allah kurniakan kekuatan iman, kecekalan dan ketabahan agar i boleh berjaya kat sini.
Ma cakap, niat nak belajar kerana Allah ta'ala...

kak long rindu sangat ngan ma... doakan kak long berjaya di sini. doakan kak long boleh jadi seorang doktor untuk ma dan abah dan keluarga kita. kak long sayang sangat ngan ma. tiap-tiap malam kak long nangis ingatkan. kak long rindu sangat ngan ma. rindu sangat-sangat.
lepas degree nanti, kak long tak nak lagi berpisah dengan ma. semoga allah kabulkan doa kak long. kak long nak tinggal dengan ma. nak kerja kat kota bharu jugak.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

rezeki jangan ditolak

assalamu'alaikum fellas. 

owh, sounds too cliche ke my post title? no lah kan... *sigh* alahai, kenapa mengeluh ni? 

so, a few days ago, UPU results were announced. LOL, like my friend said, waiting for that result was like we're getting married.. maknanya la, nervous cam gila babi, kan? but honestly la memang we all nervous gila, because we have to decide our future on the spot! owh, again cliche bunyinya... 

so, alhamdulillah, i got asasi sains hayat (foundation of life science) in UNIMAS. aww.. that is so far away. 
no jelly, eh? LOL. 

but at first memang la i tak decide nak pergi which one, matrik in kedah or unimas. then, thinking about asasi sains hayat ni (my dream is to be a doctor - in sha'a Allah), rasa macam sayang pulak I nak lepas. hohoo, bukan senang nak dapat tau, alhamdulillah... syukur nikmat ya Allah.. so, a lot of people have been saying the same thing again and again that i'd better go for asasi la... i mean, it opens the chances to chase my dream. ameen for that, huh. 

so, yeah, you know nak pergi jauh-jauh ni and then super expensive flight tickets lagi, memang la quite troublesome for my parents. we're not rich, okay! but, thank god la my ma is very open minded! she said, "ikut kak long la. ma ikut je". aahh isn't she a cool mom? mmuah!! 

okay, here's one a meme for super expensive flight tickets! dang!! 

so, nothing comes easy kan? i pon tak certain about my future lagi, in sha'a Allah, moga Allah kabulkan my prayers, kan. pray hard, work smart, be good or get fucked yo! 

nak berjaya kena la sacrifice sikit, kan? and the saddest part about studying in UNIMAS is, i won't be back for raya... now, i'm crying!!! i rasa that's the biggest pengorbanan i have ever made so far. sob sob... 

i will be missing my kampung a lot if i ever listen to this song, Hometown Glory by Adele. 
*sigh* maybe will be my raya song this year. 

Hometown Glory - Adele 
I've been walking in the same way as I didAnd missing out the cracks in the pavementAnd tutting my heel and strutting my feet"Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I could call?No, and thank you, please madam, I ain't lost, just wandering"
Round my hometown, memories are freshRound my hometown, ooh, the people I've metAre the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my worldAre the wonders of this world, are the wonders and now
I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaqueI love it to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shadesI like it in the city when two worlds collideYou get the people and the governmentEverybody taking different sides
Shows that we ain't gonna stand shitShows that we are unitedShows that we ain't gonna take itShows that we ain't gonna stand shitShows that we are united
Round my hometown, memories are freshRound my hometown, ooh, the people I've met
Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my worldAre the wonders of this world, are the wonders of my worldOf my world, yeah, of my world, of my world, yeah
okay, you all don't cry.. let me only yang cry... :(

as for my friends, i am so happy for them especially my lovely lovers NAFAS and tini, wan and others.
asma is going for matrik pulau pinang in seberang perai, seina is going for matrik negeri sembilan in kuala pilah (padan muka), sya is going for uitm dungun, terengganu for diploma pengurusan makanan (okay, i dapat makan free la ngan member nanti... no jelly, okay?), wan is going for matrik kedah in changlun (yeah, i was supposed to be there with her... sorry ye wan!), tinie she just called me and she said she's going to kptm in kota bharu. and me, i'm the furthers going. sarawak...

LOL and because of that, ramai orang dah kirim kek lapis, LOL... in sha'a Allah, kalau saya balik next year, nanti saya belikan untuk awak-awak semua okay... awak kan kawan saya yang saya paling sayang! mmuah!
but seriously, i memang suka kek lapis sarawak... rasa tak sama macam pound cake.. kiranya special la sikit... besides, the patterns and colors menambahkan selera la... nah, here are some pictures... no jelly tau!

ingatkan fabric je ada polka dots, kek lapis pon ada... 

the abstract-patterned kek lapis... looks mouth watering

regular plain looking kek lapis... tapi still sedap kan

now, i'm a pink lover... cam cute je kan kek lapis ni... 

my mom pulak, "kak long, nanti jangan lupa tau beli mutiara untuk ma, mak ngah, balqis (my cousin)... beli la gelang mutiara yang ada berambu-berambu tu... bla..bla..bla... ".
and i said, "boleh... asal bagi duit je..."

alahai, so gorgeous ni... *mampu ker?* 


hopefully dapatla i cari yang murah2 nanti... tak nak la my ma kempunan kan

someone nak bagi ni kat i? lol

LOL, okay so maybe ada hikmah la i pergi ke sana nanti. bolehla jugak i bawak balik some souvenirs for my friends and family, kan... alahai, dah bajet lebih ni... sampai pun belum lagi...

in sha'a Allah... mana tau kan, kot2 rajin naik flight ni boleh dapat sorang pilot! LOL... hmm, dah start dah drama ni... ayat pon semakin cliche semacam... semakin meningkat kegedikannya... (but, memang i suka pilots, lol!)

tak kisah la yang tu... kalau dapat ALHAMDULILLAH... huh, siap capslock tu..
tapi jangan la niat nak pergi sarawak for a husband quest.. lol...

okay, rasa dah penat dah mencacai dan membebel ni.. alahai...

before i go, nah i have some unimas pictures for you... unimas, here i come sayang... mmuahh lol

okay, la... adios for now.. all is well!! :) 

p/s: cannot wait nak pergi shopping with my mom...