Monday, 12 March 2012

Waiting for the end to come!

assalam, fellas. 

going santai and relax aja malam ni. ya, ya don't get me wrong. i bukannya nak nyanyi lagu linkin park kt sini. 

alhamdulillah, sedar tak sedar dah bulan mac rupanya. cepat je masa berlalu. hihi. time is golden, ya'll. 
alright, kalau time-time bulan cam ni, of course la the most waited moment for all spm leavers, including me, bebeyh!. 

wah, cam cannot believe it at all. how time flies. alright, hari dah 12 haribulan, so plus minus around 9 days lagi la untuk the most historical day for me and the rest of others. pfftt... 

truly, i'm already feeling the adrenaline rush. lepas tu siap terbawak-bawak dalam mimpi. perghh, that's so dashat kan? 

mimpi pulak yang macam-macam. even my mother pon ada mimpi daa... wah, double dashat!!! 

nak tau apa mimpinya? okay la, since ni blog kan, so tak da la malu kalau nak citer kat sini. 
but for sure, this is going to be very ridiculous la. let's start with my ma's mimpi first. 

one day, my ma told me yang dia ada mimpi pasal i nak dapat result. wahh, baik punya mak cam ni (Love ya, ma!). 
my ma cakap yang dia mimpi I dapat 9As. wah, so i rasa cam kembang jer hidung time tuh.. lol, even it's just a dream doesn't mean my ma doesn't pray for me. she says, she always prays for me at the last sujud in salat. (isk, isk.... overwhelmingly touched :o). so, i harap and my mom pon harap i dapat la score yang terbaik. she ada jugak bagitau i yang i should leave everything to Allah, i have to tawakkal la for everything. 
it's not like i didn't work for my success. yeah, she knows how hard i work (even i knew i didn't). 

for me spm was tough la for an average leaner like me (be humble, be modest - coz that's the truth). 
cam nak bukak citer lama ni, ah, memang la. 

okay, nak story ckit. memang dapat got into pure science stream ni memang something yang i impikan. maklumlah, cita-cita nak jadi tuan doktor! :p 
so,science stream ni people say macam stepping stone for all science branches related fields kan. 

so, masa form dulu, ingatkan boleh la nak honeymoon jap. menatang cis! langsung tak boleh. 
aku rasa akulah yang paling terkial-kial for add math. it takes me three tough months to master chapter one . perrgh, i rasa macam nak give up (almost give up). menangis tak sudah. last-last, alhamdulillah, jumpa jugak solutions. would like to thank to those yang sudi menolong. time kasih! 

masa trial i only scored 6As. huh, A+ tak yah cakap la, takder langsung. it's okay la. the grading system is getting stricter nowadays. tu la, skang ni not too many people yang boleh place themselves in top ranking unis. and tak ramai jugak yang ke oversea. 

ek eh, dah jauh menyimpang rupanya. dari mimpi ke story tu, ke story ni. 

okay la, now let's go to my mimpi pulak. but, my dream wasn't really related to how many As i got la. 

yang ni, i can say the most annoying dream ever. i dreamt about someone i dislike the most (forgive me, God!). ciss! tetiba termimpi pasal dia. oui, kau tau kan yang aku tak sukakan kau sebab kau banyak sakitkan hati aku. aku AKU TAK SUKA KAU!!!

okay la, at least dapat tekan capslock cakap 'aku tak suka kau' dah memadai for me. tak bleh nak benci lebih-lebih nanti makan diri sendiri. owh, please. okay, now sambung citer. 

citer nye cam ni, i mimpi yang the person i dislike ni call i. here's the dialogue - indeed the dream is still fresh in my mind. 

"hey, Anis. ni aku ******(sorry, i terpaksa censored nama dia)". 
"hmm, kenapa kau call aku?"  
"hmm, aku nak tanya kau ni.... kau rasa aku dapat tak 10A?". 

the conversation in that fucking stupid dream stopped! and i terus bangun and tanpa mengucapkan doa bangun tidor i terus cakap - owh my god!!! 

waaa, i cannot believe at all yang i boleh termimpi pasal dia. ya Allah!!! banyak ke dosa aku ngan dia (dia pon buat dosa jugak ngan i) sampai boleh mimpi2 ni semua? 

pergh, even it was merely a dream but it brought me some negative and massive impacts la. cis, ade ke patut tanya soalan camtu. 
lantak la, kau dapat 10A ke, 20A ke it doesn't have anything to do with me. 

okay, i'm deeply sorry if i sound too much. but i cannot hide my feelings and that's my biggest weakness. 

but i pray well for all my classmates - in general la. my ustazah said, we cannot pray anything bad for someone. islam doesn't teach us that. so, i follow her advice and i pray good for them. 

last but not least, hopefully all the hard work and prayers will be paid off and granted la. In Sha Allah. 
And i always pray for myself all the time that i can score well and i want to make my spm result as the best gift for my mom (and abah as well) for her supports and du'as. doa ibu kan makbul...

Ma, please pray i can get 10A. alright, before i go, i made this meme specially to those spm leavers in 2011 yang nak ambik result this coming 22nd of march. good luck, fellas. Allah is with you. Ameen! 

auww, this meme sounds quite serious kan. pfftt, I'm so nervous nih! 

Till the next post =D

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